CanArt zijn leuke keramiek beeldjes. De 3 details:

Vintage flowers: kapje vol met bloemetjes
Retro detail: kapje met 3 bloemetjes
Waffle: badmuts zonder bloemetjes



Design by Nele Serpieters
The term fashionista refers to people who are always up to
date, are highly involved with styles and the latest trends in
the fashion industry. He or she is an avid fan of people in
the fashion world and always dresses up in a stylish way.
Fashionistas are often labeled as people with a very shallow
lifestyle, whose lifes only revolve around fashion trends and
fashion designs.

Nele Serpieters (1964) is a very
driven artist, everything in her
life revolves around art. Creating
a piece of art is like creating a
new world to her. She enjoys
every stage of the process. Today
she studies sculpting at the Academy
of Fine Arts in Koksijde.
Exclusively for Gardeco, Nele
Serpieters created “CanArt’.



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